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Client: Wiltshire Council

“Tree Parts were selected to carry out planting works on behalf of Wiltshire Council and are one of our approved suppliers.”

– Peter Rowley, Environmental Officer, Wiltshire Council

Conygre Mead Nature Reserve

Conygre Mead provides a peaceful haven of nearly three hectares for hundreds of different wildlife species and flora amongst the river valleys surrounding Malmesbury.

Conygre Mead - Tree Parts

To ensure members of the public and numerous visiting schools are not unnecessarily put at risk, Tree Parts has worked closely with the local community to carry out specialist tree works along the riverside footpaths.

Conygre Mead - Tree Parts

Where mature bankside Beech trees had reached the end of their safe useful life, rather than felling the trees we suggested that we carefully dismantle the main stems down to 4m in height, in order to be retained as monolith poles.

These standing dead wood habitats have since promoted nest sites for woodpeckers.

Conygre Mead - Tree Parts

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